Jon Rowe

Jon Midhaven

Meet Jon

Growing up in Long Beach, Jon was always the go-to hair guy for his closest friends and family. He knew early on that he was destined for a career in hair and pursued his passion by getting his license in 2013 from the Golden West Cosmetology Program in Huntington Beach.

Jon built his career in Orange County at the Young American Salon, where he specialized in shorter haircuts. He mastered both clipper and scissor work, creating tight precision fades and loose lived-in styles. In 2020, Jon moved to Oregon and shifted his focus to longer haircuts, such as shorter bobs, long layers, shags, and textured mullets.

Currently, Jon cuts hair between both states to keep things fresh and exciting for himself, always welcoming new clients to sit in his chair. His goal with cutting is to be detail-oriented and tailor each cut to each individual client. Jon aims to give an effortless style that can be taken home and worn with ease.

With his years of experience and passion for hair, Jon is dedicated to providing his clients with the best possible experience. Whether you’re looking for a trendy haircut or a classic style, Jon has the skills to make it happen.